Here are pictures from the 25-year reunion of the Class of 1979 of Patrick County High School.

photo by Piedmont Digital

Here are the attendees. Can you name everyone?

From left (high school names for ladies): Front row: Gracie Penn, Nanette Hill, Kim Wood, Pam Hopkins, Julie Wilkinson, Angie Rakes
Secon row (ladies): Sheila Hooker, Lisa Spencer, Amy Shelor, Deborah Roberson, Rosemary Vipperman, Robin Booker, Nadine Haden, Patricia Rorrer, Jerri Young, Regina Witt, Regina Stanley, Robin Bowling, Mary Lee Fain
Next row (guys): Mark Webb, Roger Wilson, Jimmy Gilbert, Andy Holt, Jimmy Quesinberry, Steve Hall, Marlon Clark, Jim Guynn, Greg Radford, Stuart Scales, Larry Cockram, Michael Penn, Rusty Smith, Keith Gunter, Billy Hutchens, Barry Williams, Tommy Hutchens
Back row: Warren Williams, Eddie Harbour, Frank Martin, Darrell Shockley, Mark DeBruhl and Tommy Inman

Below are other pictures. Click on the small image to see the larger version. Click on the right arrow for more.

Pictures of the crowd, musical chairs and dancing


The Reunion Committee

Pictures of the fashion show and bike races


The (Retirement) Village People!

Pictures of the auction, golf tournament and name that tune


The Auction was a great success


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